Friday, April 27, 2012

An Interview with Cindy M. Hogan

Hey, guys! Guess what? Cindy M. Hogan’s second book in the Watched series, Protected, came out March 24th!  To celebrate, she’s touring the blog circuit and just so happened to stop by SYAW today. *grins* I managed to snag her for a few questions, but first, a little about Protected:

Back Blurb:
“She has the guy. The terrorists have been taken care of and she is on the brink of being popular. Life is GREAT! Until they find her. Now she must run and leave behind everything she knows, including herself.”

Welcome, Cindy! Why don’t you tell us a little bit about the Watched series?
I had this vivid dream about 4 years ago and couldn't get it out of mind. I thought it would make the coolest movie, so I wrote the basics down to give it to someone in the know. (I don't know anyone in the know, by the way) But the main character, Christy, just kept bugging me, telling me her story. To keep myself from going crazy, I had to write her story. The series is about a girl who discovers she hates who she is and wants to change that. She stumbles upon a politically motivated murder that forces her to change who she is. In the process, she must discover who she is willing to be. And, of course, there are two hot guys involved. You have to have two hot guys, after all.  

Of course!

How long do you intend it to be? I know you’re already hard at work on the third book. I am smack dab in the middle of #3 right now. It is so fun. I just finished brainstorming the last couple of chapters and recorded my ideas for later. Hopefully, I'll have it done by the end of next week. *crosses fingers* #3 will end this series, but the main character will live on in a break-off series I have planned.

Sounds like you're going to be a busy woman. :)

What’s the best part about indie publishing?
The best part? Wow! There are so many, but as Protected comes out only 9 months after Watched and having the final book scheduled for only 7 months after that, I'd have to say the ability to get my books out when they are done and not having to be on a publisher's schedule of 1 per year.
Very nice!
Fast Questions!

If you could have dinner with any author, alive or dead, who would it be and what would you have? Shoot, that's easy. Veronica Roth. I would have a juicy steak, baked potato and green beans with a salad on the side.   

Oo, can I get an invite, too? :D

My blog followers are hungry, too! What would you bake them to celebrate the launch of Protected I make the most awesome cinnamon rolls. Truly, they are to die for. I'd love to share their delicious gooeyness with all your followers.

Careful. They might try to keep you. *Grins*

Where are you from and what do you call soft drinks? (Pop, soda, coke, etc.) Inquiring minds want to know!  I am from Utah originally, but I've also lived in CA, OR and TN. I think your question is so funny, because when I moved from Utah to Oregon, everyone called it pop. When I moved to Tennessee, no one called it pop. It was coke. No matter which type of pop you were drinking, it was coke. Some girls I hung out with also moved there from Utah and we thought people were so weird there for calling all pop, coke. Now that I'm back in Utah, I almost never hear pop. Occasionally, I hear soda, but hear coke most of all. I think I still call it pop, though. Old habits die hard.

We call it pop in Ohio, too. ;)

...And who’s your favorite interviewer/paranormal romance writer, whose name rhymes with Keri Putler? Hmmm, Harry Potter?....oh, oh, I get it, Carrie Butler. Three cheers for Carrie Butler. Go Carrie.

:O Why thank you!

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Have a great weekend, guys!

P.S. If you're looking for the 'Oh, My Hero!' post, you can find it here. :)


Melissa said...

Love the cover art! And...oh, crap. There's another awesome series to add to my already-clogged-up waiting-to-be-read-list on my Kindle. (:P kidding) Great interview! :D

Carrie Butler said...

Thanks for stopping by, Melissa! Keep working on that TBR list. ;)

Peggy Eddleman said...

Mmmm. Cinnamon rolls.

Great interview! I met Cindy at a signing a few weeks ago, and chatted for so long, I ended up being late to an appointment! She was awesome. Her book is next in my TBR pile.

And for the record, I called it pop as a kid. Now, it's usually "a drink." As in, "Hey, kids. Want to go get a drink?" The go get part tips them off to the fact that I actually am asking if they want to go to our local convenience store / gas station, Harts. If I'm going by myself, I say, "I'm going to go get a Diet Coke."

Carrie Butler said...

Thanks, Pegasus! Oh wow. Must've been a great chat!

Oo, I feel privy to some kind of insider language now. When I finally make it out to Utah, I'm going to pay close attention! ;)

Unknown said...

Awesome interview! I agree with your guest, going Indie does have it's benefits. I like that you don't have to wait for the publisher.

Carrie Butler said...

Thanks, Clarissa! Your Indie book comes out today, right? I'll have to tweet! :)

Unknown said...


Lisa Regan said...

What a great interview! The series sounds great. I am off to check out the books!

Carrie Butler said...

Thanks, Lisa! I'm off to check them out, too. :D

Donna K. Weaver said...

I love Cindy's books. She's such a dynamo and my hero! When I grow up, I want to be like her!

Carrie Butler said...

Who wouldn't? :D Thanks for stopping by, Donna!

Lindsay N. Currie said...

Sounds EXCELLENT! Thanks for visiting Cindy and thanks for your good eye Carrie:)

Carrie Butler said...

Thanks for stopping by, Lindsay! :D