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Monday, September 01, 2014

[Friend Release] PERFECTLY ERNEST by EJ Wesley

It just occurred to me that 'friend release' makes it sound like E.J. is getting out of prison...

Oh well! :) It's a big day for Mr. Wesley. His debut NA sports contemporary has just hit virtual shelves, and it has potential to make a lasting impression on the category. We better check it out now before he's too famous to talk to us!

Cover by Forward Authority

About the Book

A gripping story of striking out and winning big. 

From a distance, Ernie’s life seems perfect—he’s a star college baseball player adored by the student body and coveted by professional teams. Up close, he is a disaster. Since the death of his mother, he’s been trapped by a promise he made and forced to live her dream instead of his own. He reaches his breaking point in the biggest game of his young career and sets off a chain of events that will either define or destroy the rest of his life.

Ernie grudgingly joins a quirky campus counseling group that empowers him to heal himself and right his wrongs. By testing old friendships, forging unlikely new ones, and exploring an exciting romance, he begins to unravel the jumbled knot his tangled inner-psyche has become. But old rivals, mental illness, and the risk of a forbidden relationship soon threaten his progress. Will Ernie's new direction and friends be his salvation, or confirmation that he is forever doomed by his imperfections?

Perfectly Ernest is a New Adult contemporary novel with romantic elements by author E.J. Wesley. Ernest offers a smart, funny, sweet, sexy, uplifting, and oftentimes poignant perspective of one person's difficult transition into adulthood. It is a story about overcoming the demons of mental illness and struggling with the profound burden of expectations—both real and imagined. But it’s mostly a tale of friendship, hope, and love.  


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 "This is not so much a "coming of age" story, as it is a 'coming of self.' I loved reading it" 

 “EJ Wesley has written a modern day Breakfast Club.”


 "Fans of this genre will say EJ hit it out of the park!"


 “Perfectly Ernest offers an emotionally genuine tour through depression, friendship, and love.”

About the Author

Growing up in small-town Oklahoma, there were limits on the amount and types of entertainment at my disposal. Perhaps that's why I set my imagination free. After collecting degrees in psychology and counseling, life brought me to Missouri, Texas, and Northern California--where I currently read, write, and live. I fill my spare time playing video games, watching movies, planning for the zombie apocalypse, reading graphic novels, and playing with my dogs.

 My passion for New Adult literature led me to producing the weekly New Adult Lit Chat on Twitter and contributing to the NA Alley Blog. I'm also the author of Moonsongs, a series of New Adult, urban fantasy novelettes. Find me on Twitter @EJWesley or Facebook and we'll chat! 


1 New Adult sports books bundle (INT)

1 $15 iTunes gift credit (INT)

1 signed paperback copy of Perfectly Ernest + Ernest team jersey. (US)


Question of the Week
What's your favorite sport?
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Monday, August 25, 2014

5 Tips to Keep Your Designer Happy

Whew! You guys really got into the discussion last week. I love how much thought you put into your comments. Like most of you, I think a link would be interesting, but I don't necessarily believe there's a definitive one. Right now, it seems to be more of a visibility thing.

Anyhoo, on to this week's topic! 

Dealing with a fellow creative can be awkward, especially when you're outsourcing something near and dear to you. That's why I'm pulling back the curtain. Here are five things they might not feel comfortable telling you... 


You will always have final say, but do you want to know when I think something will hurt your marketability? What if I have an alternate vision of your concept? Letting me know how much leash I have to work with helps me better serve you.


It's understandable that you're not sure on the size yet, but I do need to know what you plan on using the design for. Graphics aren't one size fits all. A logo made for the signature on your blog will pixelate when stretched for print on a t-shirt. 

If you want to do both, just give me a heads-up. Let me worry about when we need 300 dpi CMYK v. 72 ppi RGB. ;)


Designers are often juggling dozens of projects for their clients. As soon as you have enough details to start a project, it's a good idea to get something in the books. Give the artist enough time to let a concept marinate. You'll get better results (and avoid rush/PITA fees).


It doesn't matter if you're representing a large group (like an organization chapter) or yourself (where you seek approval from your street team, family, FB fans, etc.). When you put a design out there for feedback, you're going to end up more confused than when you started. Seriously. You can have your designer create alternatives to appease a vocal few, but you will never reach a perfect consensus.

Remember: Just like writing, the visual arts are subjective. You will not please everyone. 

If you're not comfortable making the decision by yourself, why not create a small focus group? Try bringing in a dedicated reader of the genre, an industry professional with a good eye, and a trusted friend who knows what you like.


You'd think this would go without saying, but a surprising number of writers can't describe their vision for a project. (Side note: It's totally okay if you don't have one—that's what consults are for!) For those of you who struggle, it may help to take notes whenever something strikes you while you're writing, i.e. colors you associate with the overall story, images you've come across with similar vibes, details about the front character, etc. It'll save us time and  you money, if we don't have to do trial-and-error.

Question of the Week:
Any tips for dealing with fellow creatives in a business capacity?
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