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Monday, July 28, 2014

West Virginia, Tucker the Puppy, and NA Alley!

1. It turns out I'm going to be signing at the Ohio River Festival of Books on September 20th! If you're anywhere near Huntington, West Virginia you should stop by. I'll be in the loud corner with Elizabeth Seckman and Tara Tyler. ;)


2. For those of you who aren't on Facebook, here are a few recent puppy pics—just because. ;)

3. Massive change is coming to NA Alley! I wrote a letter outlining the first steps...

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Monday, July 21, 2014

Updates and Voting!

Hey, guys! Four things:

1. In case you haven't heard via social media, something pretty cool happened a few weeks ago. Strength (Mark of Nexus #1) was named a finalist for BEST NEW ADULT novel, and the Mark of Nexus series was named a finalist for BEST SERIES, in the 2014 eFestival of Words - Best of Independent eBook Awards! :)

(Say that three times fast.)

The finalist with the most votes wins, so now I need YOUR HELP. If you've read the book/series, would you mind taking a few minutes to lend your support?


1. Go to: http://www.efestivalofwords.com

2. Click register—under the header on your computer or on the left side of your mobile device—and fill out the form. In order to confirm your account, you will have to pass some kind of easy human-validation. It will likely be a market survey question ("What kind of vehicle do you drive?") and/or some kind of word scramble.

3. Then it will ask if you want to opt-in to any offers from sponsors—which you likely won't—so, don't check any of the boxes, and then click submit.

4. You are now a registered user with access to the voting polls! You may log-in.

5. Click: http://www.efestivalofwords.com/nest-new-adult-finalists-t540.html

6. There, you will see a polling thread with bubbled options. Select 'Strength, by Carrie Butler'—or whichever novel you prefer—and click 'Submit vote'.

7. You will receive a confirmation that your vote has been cast.

8. Now, please navigate to: http://www.efestivalofwords.com/best-series-t546.html

9. You will see a different polling thread with bubbled options. Select 'Mark of Nexus, Carrie Butler'—or whichever series you prefer—and click 'Submit vote'.

10. You will receive a confirmation that your vote has been cast and you just made an author's day! :D 


While you're there, quite a few of our other friends have made the finals, too. Nancy S. Thompson, Lisa Regan, Alex J. Cavanaugh, Dana Mason, Katie Mettner, and Michael Infinito—to name just a few! Please be sure to check out their categories and vote for your favorites. :)

2. If you're an NA Alley fan, buckle up. Massive changes are in store next month...

3. I've made progress on the How I Found the Write Path e-book. Just a little more formatting, and we'll be able to plaster it everywhere!

4. This, because it's been in my head for almost a week. LOL

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