Saturday, May 31, 2014

[Cover Revea] OTHERBORN by Anna Silver

Hey, guys! Before I sign off for my annual June hiatus, I want to share a former pub-sister's new cover with you. Take it away, Anna Silver! :)


About the Book

Title: Otherborn
Series: Otherborn, #1
Author: Anna Silver
Publisher: Sapphire Star Publishing
Release Date: April 4, 2013
Category: YA
Genres: Dystopian, science fiction, and fantasy

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Book Description

Confined within Capital City’s concrete walls, London keeps an impossible secret: she dreams. And she’s not alone. Her friends are seeing themselves in “night pictures” too, as beings from another world. Together they uncover the story of their avatars, astral shamans they call Otherborn.

When one Otherborn is murdered and another goes missing, London realizes someone is hunting them. Escaping along the Outroads, they brave the deserted Houselands with only their Otherborn to guide them. Can they find their friend before the assassin finds them?

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About the Author

Anna Silver is an author and artist living in the greater Houston area with her family, pets, and overactive imagination. Her art has been featured in the Houston gallery Las Manos Magicas. She studied English Writing & Rhetoric at St. Edward’s University. She's freelanced for private clients and small publications like the Hill Country Current. OTHERBORN, her first published novel, has been featured on 2 of Amazon's "Bestsellers" lists. ASTRAL TIDE is her second published novel.


Congrats, Anna! :)


Misha Gericke said...

Sounds great. The cover is beautiful. :-)

Carrie Butler said...

Thanks, Misha! :)

ASilver said...

Thank you Carrie! Thank you Misha!!!

Carrie Butler said...

You're welcome! :)

Nigel G. Mitchell said...

Great cover, and sounds like an intriguing YA novel