Monday, November 21, 2011

Operation GLITTER

First, you'll probably want to read the explanation here. ;)

Okay, guys. Here you go. A "vlog" documenting my demographics study at the Breaking Dawn premiere. It was all in good fun, I promise. I have nothing but respect for people who create and support things they're passionate about. :)

P.S. In case you're wondering, I left the video unlisted on Youtube, because I'm not looking to share this outside of the blogosphere. (Trolls non gratae. Know what I mean? *grins*) There are many things I'll take a public stand on. This is not one of them. Just take it for what it is: fun and learning.


Jennie Bennett said...

Oh man, I am so glad the theater I went to had a assigned seating. No waiting in line for me! Interesting project :)

Joylene Nowell Butler said...

Six hours! Really? Oh, well, that would have counted me out. I'll do anything I can to decrease an airport stay from 4 to 2 hours. After an hour my knees seize up. Next my good manners go. I begin to glare and glow brightly, fire rising from my nostrils. Six hours, I'm afraid to think what I'd be like.

You're a trooper, Carrie. If I'd been close enough, I would have stopped by with banners that read GO BUTLER GO!

Lisa Regan said...

So I was thinking about this the other day: it feels like books for adults (other than literary fiction) are disappearing. Adults are reading young adult fiction and writers are writing it (I mean it seems like online there are about 2000 YA writers for every writer who writes in an adult genre--I'm just making that number up to make my point by the way) and like you said, more than just young adults are interested in this stuff so how much longer can we really categorize it as young adult fiction? If such a wide range of people read YA and like it and adults are abandoning adult books in favor of YA books what does that mean? Should writers of adult material be trying to mimick YA works? (This is making my head spin) Anyway, just some thoughts. Geez, six hours is a long time!

Nancy Thompson said...

6 HOURS?!!! Wow. And I thought I was pushing it by being there 20 minutes before the movie started. Then again, there was no one in line. And this just outside Seattle. But was 13 hours after the midnight opening, so that might have had something to do with it. And there were only women there. No kids. Go figure.

Any hey, I'm always telling folks to buy Jenny's book. Creep is fantastic! But I am partial. She's my one local writing friend. I'm so sad she's moving away from Seattle.

cleemckenzie said...

Endurance pays off! I love data gathering and this was a fantastic idea!

I did it for Alice in Wonderland and sat next to the Queen of Hearts during the show. Her head kind of spilled over into my space, but she wasn't stoned like the Mad Hatter across the aisle, so we talked.

Steven W said...

HA! That was awesome. I haven't seen the movie yet, but *whispers* I plan to.

Loved the end of your clip: "No, they can't see you..." HA-Ha

Carrie Butler said...

@J.A. Bennett - Thanks. :) Oh, wow! Lucky you. I was camped out on the floor.

@Joylene - Yep! Six to midnight. To be fair, I'll admit that I went glare-mode, too. *grins* Hah! I love it. :D

@Lisa - You know, I think you're right. The lines are really blurring these days. Maybe we should just categorize books by the age of the MC or its rating (like a movie or video game). Hmm... thought provoking!

@Nancy - It felt like an eternity. For a while there, I forgot there would actually be a film at the end. *grins* Oh wow. Sounds like you lucked out with your lack-of-line.

Aww. Maybe you guys can Skype or something? :)

@cleemckenzie - Indeed! Why thank you. :) Hah! Oh, I can just picture that. Sounds fun!

@Steve - Thanks! *Grins* I won't tell anyone. As for the end, yeah, I'm sure I'll be receiving a phone call from her any minute now. ;) Nice to see you back around here!

Donna K. Weaver said...

I love this video and your commentary. Hilarious. And true.

I saw someone with a t-shirt that said "Team Alice" on it, which was perfect since I love Alice's character in both the books and the movies.

But "Team Charlie"? Brilliant. Charlie is the only character in the movies that I like better than the one in the books.

Botanist said...

Six hours? That is true dedication in the name of research!

JeffO said...

Hah, I remember waiting in line for concert tickets for six plus hours, but never a movie.

Have to say, I was expecting to see people decked out like the folks who go to see Rocky Horror, but I guess the costumes for Twilight aren't quite as outrageous. Was anybody sporting full-body sparkle?

Lisa-I think if more and more people are writing YA, that leaves more room for you to fill the adult section!

Peggy Eddleman said...

SIX HOURS?! Wow. That's some dedication to Operation Glitter there! I couldn't believe how many MEN there were in the theater when we went. Of course it wasn't until 8 on Friday night, so I guess they figured there would be less crazies there. ;)

And your sister is adorable.

Lynda R Young as Elle Cardy said...

lol, love the name of the operation. I'm impressed you lined up for 6 hours.

JeffO said...

Interesting-looking 'suggested videos' that popped up at the end of that....

Emma:) said...

I'm team Edward...but I hate Robert Patterson. I <3 Alice though. Great video here- at our theater,we only had to wait an hour because the lines were pretty short. That gave me more faith in the sanity of my town:)For Harry Potter we were there at 9, and we were halfway through the line! HP FTW

Linda said...

Wow six hours is insane! I probably would have died, being around that many people for that long, LOL! Great vid :)

Jennifer Hillier said...

Loved this! You are so awesome pitching CREEP! Great vlog... you're making me think about doing another one myself. :)

I haven't seen Breaking Dawn yet but did promise a friend - who's a die hard fan of both the books and the movies - that I would go with her. Can't imagine it will be as busy as opening night? Fun experience, though yeah, I'd be grossed out seeing people walking around in bare feet. Ew.

Carrie said...

6 hours - wow! No Breaking Dawn for me yet, but I saw Eclipse at midnight and I think we only spent an hour or two in line.

I am so with you on Team Charlie!!!

Iain said...

6 hours??? That's some dedication just to entertain us :o)
Are you going to confess about being the one who took the chairs from the food mall?
It's a brilliant vlog. I loved the disclaimer at the start.
One last thing... Is your sister available to hire for promo work?

Carrie Butler said...

@Donna - Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it. Team Alice, hmm? I haven't heard anyone claim that allegiance before, but I like it. I think Meyer could've pulled off a novella of Alice's backstory. Oh, and I agree. Charlie is better in the movies. His actor has the whole dry humor thing down. :)

@Botanist - Indeed! I questioned that dedication a few times that night. *grins*

@Jeff - Hah! No, I'm afraid I didn't spot any full-body sparkle. Believe me, if I had, I would've crept over there to film it for you guys. ;)

@Peggy - Heck yeah! I couldn't hype up Operation Glitter and not give it some serious effort. Haha :) Yeah, I was pretty surprised with how many men I saw, too. (Even more surprised that they didn't have that I'm-about-to-have-a-root-canal expression plastered on!)

Oh goodness. That'll make her day. She just turned thirty-four. :)

@Lynda - Thanks! Honestly, if it'd been any longer, I probably would've left. I was at that point. *grins*

@Jeff (Part II) - Wow. Creepy, isn't it?

@Emma - Thank you! :) Wow. Only an hour? Nice! I wish I had sanity in my town sometimes. *grins*

@Linda - You should've seen my face at the end of that long wait. Haha Thank you! :)

@Jennifer - Thanks! :) My sister loved CREEP too, so we tag-teamed the discussion. *grins* Oh, you should! We'll protect you from the creepers this time.

Hmm, I'm sure the crowd dwindles after the opening night. Here's to hoping everyone in your theater wears shoes! ;)

@Carrie - Aww, man. Lucky you! Now I'm wondering why on earth my little middle-of-nowhere town had such a long line! LOL Yay! Team Charlie!

@Iain - Thank you! Hey, I'd go to great lengths to entertain you guys. We have to keep the blogosphere going somehow! ;) Pfft. I wasn't the one who took the chairs. (Though I considered it...) Hah! Oh absolutely. She'll work for slushies. At least, that's how I paid her. ;)

Laila Knight said...

I can't see the darn video...ugh...will have to check it out at home...but everyone is squawking about six hours. The longest I waited for a movie was Harry Potter and that was 45 mins. I won't do that anymore...just wait a few weeks and I'll have more elbow room. :)

Carrie Butler said...

@Laila - Aww, that's a bummer. Yep, six hours. (Madness, I know.) 45 minutes, hmm? Not too bad. I wish I could've waited for elbow room, but I would've missed out on the people-watching. *grins*