Friday, June 03, 2011

What the... F-Friday?

…Did you see this yesterday?  

Naipaul dismisses 'sentimental' women authors
(Yahoo News) "Nobel-winning writer V.S. Naipaul faced criticism Thursday for saying he does not regard any female authors as his equal, even famed novelist Jane Austen, because they are "sentimental'."

I would comment on it, but I’m feeling really sentimental at the moment. If you need me, I’ll be vacuuming the carpet—wearing my apron and patent leather heels.

Heh. Have a good weekend, guys! ;)


Dee Fox said...

I believe a simple "Grrrrrrrr" will suffice here, right?

(Sidenote - don't forget that I actually have a photo of you running the vacuum in heels!!)

Carrie Butler said...

Absolutely! Grrrrrrr...

Hah! I forgot about that! ...Maybe we should bury it. lol

Patrick said...

Bury it as in a time capsule :)?

I wonder if there will ever be a time in the future where sexism and racism do not exist and its something they read about in history books.

Carrie Butler said...

There will always be something, e.g. even if sexism and racism are taken out of the equation, people will be discriminated against because of their socioeconomic status or physical condition. Sad, but probably true. /sigh

...No, we will not bury it in a time capsule. :P