Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Wake Up Wednesday!

I found a Post-It note stuck to my alarm clock this morning.

Characters, scenarios, and thought fragments—all crowding one, obnoxiously bright square. The words were a strained imitation of my familiar scrawl, but I felt like I’d seen them before. Had I…? 

I snatched the note up, barely stifling a yawn as I read the words aloud. 

…Well, hell.

I’d awoken to an influx of writing mojo in the middle of the night again. This time, I must’ve been coherent enough to take notes. Helpful? Yes. Disturbing? Absolutely. 

Are you guilty of letting your writing interfere with your sleep? ;)

P.S. Sorry for the quick post. Blame Game #1 of the Stanley Cup Final!


JeffO said...

Yes, I think writing interfered with my sleep once, but not in the same way as this. Mine was a dream. I have a future post drafted about it, but it's not quite ready yet.

Carrie Butler said...

A dream, hm? I can't wait to read it. :)

Patrick said...

I would say my writing actually helps me get to sleep! (maybe everything makes me tired?) I never seem to have any dreams about my characters. In fact, my dreams rarely make sense. I wonder if that's normal?

Anyways, I like how you are ready to write things down at anytime. That's a problem I have is I think of a great idea, and assume I will remember it. I need to start practicing this, and not let those "Ah ha!" moments slip away.

*Note to self: Keep notepad by bed to document strange dreams... maybe they are on to something.*

Carrie Butler said...

Thank you! I don't usually keep paper near my bed, so I must've stumbled around in the dark for a while. lol

There you go! Maybe they are! :)